Welcome to NasimSaderat Rad

Based in Tehran and Erbil, Nasim Saderat Rad (NSR) has emerged as a major player in the drilling fluids sector determined to provide its customers with unique and personalized drilling fluid engineering and operations services. Enjoying a team of highly experienced managers and experts, NSR is now recognized as a reliable company in drilling industry. With a fully equipped production shop and a drilling fluids laboratory in full accordance with international standards, our company is ready to serve other operating companies in the field.

Since we started, our core objective has been to provide minerals and chemicals for various industries, including oil and gas well drilling industries. In this regard, we offer all the support and capabilities of major service companies to achieve excellence in supplying the required materials to meet the demands of domestic and neighboring countries’ markets.

Our main activities are defined in response to drilling industry requirements and include supplying all types of chemicals and minerals, provision of engineering services before and after-sales, product quality assurance, and products exporting.

The Company’s policy revolves around customer satisfaction by offering top quality integrated drilling fluid engineering services as well as on time and efficient logistics support. NSR products have been used in most of the Middle East oil and gas fields, water treatment plants, and other chemical industries, all resulted in favorable feedback.

NSR is always receptive to customers’ demands and particular requirements to provide the best and the most cost-effective services.Also, in the not too distant future, Nasim Saderat Rad will be one of the top people in this field. Community Verified icon.