NSR understands the essence of the delivery time in Oil & Gas operations and accordingly offers extensive expertise in logistics management besides an unparalleled commitment to providing excellent service tailored to your requirement.

Our strength is establishing a global network of land and marine transportation agents besides a highly effective warehousing network which facilitates timely delivery of your order. In Iraq, for instance, we have our own stocks locating in three strategic parts of the country, i.e. warehouses in Erbil, Kalar, and Arvand free zone, located at Iran-Iraq border, which guarantee swift delivery to Kurdistan region, central, and Southern parts of Iraq respectively. The Erbil warehouse is considered to provide services to the clients in northern Iraq, i.e. Erbil itself, Kirkuk, Al-Sulaymaniyah, and Dohuk. Likewise, the central warehouse exists to serve Baghdad, Diyala, Al-Anbar, Babil, Wasit, Al-Qadisiyah, Misan, and Al-Najaf provinces, while Misan, Al-Basrah, Al-Muthana, and Thi Qar in the south are covered by the Arvand warehouse.

So wherever your operations are and no matter how great or small your order is, you can always rely on NSR to take the load off your mind.