Ever since established, NSR has relied on barite, barium sulphate, and the company’s activities have revolved around exploration, mining, production, packaging, and distribution of barite powder. To reach excellency, we have never overlooked the role of quality control and the invaluable knowledge of highly experienced individuals in the field. We are delighted to let our clients know that in 2015, we registered our own mine, which is located in Arak province in central part of Iran.

In spite of the fact that some 4% of the global barite reserves is located in Iran, the country holds only 2% of the global production, which shows the potential for growth in the market. With realization of this fact, NSR has always tried to identify the finest mines in the country to boost its production rate with an outstanding commitment to steady quality.

Most of the produced barite in the world is used in drilling as weighting agent and the main constituent of drilling mud. Other applications of barite include paint, paper, cloth, rubber, powder coating, and brake pad chemicals industries.



Below you can see the specifications of two of our common grades of barite, however, our well-equipped lab enables us to formulate and test special muds and produce barite powder with propriety specifications to achieve the clients’ requirements accordingly.