Barite is also used in smaller scale, compared to drilling industry, in paint and plastic industries as filler mineral and extender. White paint-grade barite is another well-known NSR product. Despite the significant and still increasing demand for white paint-grade barite in Europe, no major mine supplies it from inside Europe and the market have been normally counting on China and India for the same. However, China's own internal demand is limiting traditional exports and there seems to be a shortage of supply in the coming years unless a new player in the market makes it up. Having a large proportion of barite resources and its strategic location, vicinity to Europe, has made Iran a wonderful, even more interesting than the traditional suppliers, substitute. NSR has taken advantage of this potential and has exported enormous amounts of painting barite to Germany, Italy, UK, Turkey, and GCC countries in the last few years, and is still gaining experience and boosting its capabilities in the field.