Utilizing modern has made it possible for Nasim Saderat Rad Company to take steps in line with the needs of employers and that is why it declares its readiness to serve the country's industries.The focus of the company's products is in the field of drilling mud and barite.
Despite enjoying the most modern equipment available, we have never forgotten the role of quality control. So that we have established a highly equipped flower laboratory next to the production line to ensure complete quality of the output product. The sensitivity of Nasim Saderat Group on the issue of quality is such that the specialists of this company are constantly sampling and testing products so that we do not fail to fulfill our promises.

Production items include:

Walnut shell, bentonite, dyeing barite, drilling barite, calcium carbonate, caustic soda, aluminum sulfate and hematite are produced with the highest quality.
Utilizing the existing potentials, the company has dedicated its main and most important activities to the exploration, extraction, production and processing of barite. In this regard, a different approach is to provide quality and excellent products at the top of its policies. To achieve this goal, it has used experts and modern quality control equipment. To benefit from the satisfaction of our esteemed customers and the promotion of our dear country in international markets. Therefore, while gaining years of experience in international free markets, it also declares its readiness to serve domestic employers.
Crystal barite, as the best filler for dyeing, has been able to replace price materials in order to reduce costs and increase color transparency.